Guess the Title No. 69

Woody games 001

The title to this drawing is three words. The first and last words rhyme.  In the near future, I will reveal my title.  Until then, enjoy the picture, figure out an answer, submit a guess or two, and check back and see what everybody else is coming up with.

The correct answer to “Guess the Title No. 68” was . . . Bob Ross Uses Dental Floss.  Many of you must have watched a lot of PBS, because there were lots of good answers this time.  Tonya and Jenicthus’ son had versions of my favorite answer- Bob Ross and his Happy Little Floss.  I wish I had thought of that.  Anyway, since so many of you need to celebrate this time, may I suggest a Bob Ross marathon.  I believe he is still on Youtube.  Be sure to watch with a big tub of popcorn; that way, later on, you can have fun getting the happy little kernels out of your happy little teeth with your happy little floss.