Guess the Title No. 55

metropolitan 001

The title to this drawing is four words.  The first and last words rhyme.  In a week or so, I will reveal the actual title.  Until then, enjoy the picture, figure out a title, submit a guess, and check back to see what everybody else is coming up with.

The correct answer to “Guess the Title No. 54” was . . .  Hoover Mover.  A lot of you had this one nailed down in no time at all.  Congratulations.  To celebrate, may I suggest enjoying the fact that you are not moving (or helping somebody else move) right now.  If you are moving (or helping somebody else move), there is always the unique joy of running the vacuum cleaner for the first time in a new house to look forward to.

Vacation Bible School

We just finished up VBS last week at our church, and it brought back memories of growing up at First Baptist Mt. Juliet.  We always had Vacation Bible School about this time of year and it always seemed to be the hottest eight days (yes eight days!) of the summer.

When I was in 4th grade, Bro. and Mrs. Lasater were my Vacation Bible School teachers.  In addition to reciting all the books of the Bible in order and learning truths from God’s word, we glued seeds to a piece of plywood cut out in the shape of a chicken for craft time.

Using photographs from an old church directory, I drew their portraits on plywood and filled in the color using the same technique I learned in 4th grade: gluing seeds.  These are made mostly out of rice (white, brown, and black) which were not too hard to find, but a trip to an international grocery store was needed to find some more exotic colors.

Bro. and Mrs. Lasater were such special people to me.  Like so many of my teachers, I learned as much from watching their lives as I did from listening to their words.  Vacation Bible School has changed so much since I was in the 4th grade (like nearly everything else).  But looking around me last week at my fellow teachers and volunteers, I was encouraged that they were proclaiming truths from the Gospel with their words and their lives.  Thanks be to God that some things haven’t changed.